Chhau move is a sort of Indian tribal move which is celebrated in the Indian conditions of West Bengal,Jharkhand and Odisha. There are three subgenres of the move, considering its places of initiation and change.Our esteemed thanks for visiting this place which provides large information on chhau


John Milton Virtuoso

This company is run by John Milton who is the coordinator and develope.

Bhuban Singh Munda

Bhuban is a very familiar face in chhau dance . He is also the captain of the team.

Patilal Murmu

Patilal Murmu is a renowned chhau artist and well versed.

Nepal Kisku

Nepal Kisku is a famous chhau artist and has splendid moves

About Chhau dance Team

Our main team is purliya chhau team .We also have Seraikella Chhau and Mayurbhanj Chhau.We are the best team in Purliya district .We are the best and authentic team in chhau. We focus mainly on events.This team is exclusively developed for events and indian film industry